Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life in UCSI University

Yo sup! Berabad lamanya aku tak update blog aku. Okay, why am I posting this entry? It's because I'm assigned by my lecturer to blog about the lesson that he taught us. But before I post those school stuffs, I wanna tell you about the life in UCSI sebab rasa macam terlalu tiba-tiba je kalau aku tak post apa and then terus post pasal school assignments.

  1. Environment- It's a good place to study, compared to Damansara since there are not that much of entertainments except for a few small malls. But it can be quite noisy at the South Wing where there will be many events taking place throughout the year. 
  2. Facility- There are gym, library, swimming pool, multipurpose hall where you can play badminton or basketball there, pool table, computer lab, discussion rooms and ballroom. Have I said that the library is 5 floors high? So the facilities is quite complete for me
  3. Lecturers- There are good and not so good lecturers. But I can say that all lecturers are okay. You don't expect them to spoon-feed you though. It's already tertiary education!
To be honest, the management sucks. Unorganized time table, clashing classes during early weeks of semester and more. The speed of the wi-fi can also be annoyingly slow. But at least only these are the bad things that I could think of. If you plan to enroll here, you're very welcomed as there are many friendly students around here.
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